XINH G0120: Various Spider-Man Miles Morales (PS4) Minifigure Suit Variants Preview

Fake Lego Marvel spider-verse minifigures with many miles morales

GH0151 – Miles Morales Spider-Man (Great Responsibility Suit)
GH0152 – Miles Morales Spider-Man (STRIKE Suit)
GH0153 – Miles Morales Spider-Man (TRACK Suit)
GH0154 – Miles Morales Spider-Man Purple Reign Suit
GH0155 – Miles Morales Spider-Man (Classic)
GH0156 – Miles Morales Spider-Man (Crimson Cowl Suit)
GH0157 – Miles Morales Spider-Man (2099 Suit)
GH0158 – Miles Morales Spider-Man (The End Suit)

These are based on the Spider-Man Miles Morales PS4 video game suits! There have been a limited amount of Miles Morales Lego Minifigures in the past, at least compared to Peter Parker so I really welcome this set of just Miles Morales!

You can also add the CR002 – Miles Morales 2020 suit to your Miles Morales collection.

I’m hoping to see more unique Lego Spider-Verse Minifigures as we get closer to the release of Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse. I also love that this set is a set of Miles Morales Spider-Man suits instead of the same old Peter Parker.

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3 thoughts on “XINH G0120: Various Spider-Man Miles Morales (PS4) Minifigure Suit Variants Preview

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  1. I only need a new classic suit butttttttt I might just get em all lol. GREAT NEWS. I cant remember if I like the quality of this brand

    1. It’s XINH and their GH brands have been good. I liked their new Ant-Man and GOTG figs. (except the Ant-Man nanofigs that had misaligned prints, but their regular figs were good)

      1. Thatssss right. I thought i could replace my WM Antman with the XIHN GH Antman but the printing that i got was bad so I kep the WM brand instead, I hope my GH Shazam is better than my WM version

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