LE01-LE02: Custom DC Hellbat (Batman) Minifigure Preview

custom dc hellbat minifigure from lego batman variants LE01-LE02
Two custom Lego DC Hellbat Minifigures to add to your Lego Batman collection, plus they go on sale for cheap!

More unique-molded custom Minifigures from a new and unknown brand? Reminds me a lot of the “new” CQ Brand and their unique Marvel and Iron Man Minifigures.

So far, I’m seeing these go for around $2-$4 which is an amazing deal considering that third party custom Lego Minifigures are often around the $50 mark.

In this CQ Brand review, I compare the $1 Destroyer to a $40 custom Lego Marvel Destroyer Minifigure. I know they’re not the same brand, but it might be a helpful review for additional context.

Video isn’t HD but it can give you an idea on how massive and detailed the accessories are.

They have already appeared on AliExpress!
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  1. I love CQ but I wonder if their approach is too vague for the market. THis is great for me tho. I bought 2 of each

    1. Agreed. They might end up with too much inventory that “normal” collectors won’t be interested in. But as part of the collectors that love figs like this, I’m definitely happy haha

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