CR Brand CR001-CR006: All-Sides Printed Minifigures Including Daredevil, Spider-Man, Black Panther, And More Preview

This CR Brand has been out there for a while now. They print on all sides of the Minifigures, but don’t come with accessories often. So far, only Daredevil and Black Panther come with accessories past the base Minifigure, the horns.

CR001 – Corvus Glaive, Proxima Midnight, Ebony Maw, Thanos
CR002 – Spider-Man, Miles Morales 2020 Suit, Spider-Man, Stealth Suit Spider-Man
CR003 – Black Panther (First Suit), Black Panther (Second Suit), Killmonger, T’Chaka
CR004 – Thor (2008), Thor (Dark World with Sleeves), Thor (Dark World without Sleeves), Thor (Ragnarok Gladiator)
CR005 – Captain America (Avengers), Captain America (AoU), Captain America (Civil War), Captain America (Infinity War)
CR006 – Daredevil (Netflix S1), Daredevil (She-Hulk), Daredevil (Netflix S2), Daredevil

I wanna say that CR006’s last Daredevil is Daredevil 2099, but I don’t have enough references. Possibly it’s a Daredevil from some Marvel video game?

In terms of quality, these CR Minifigures are pretty decent. The prints are clean and clear for the ones that I have. The plastic feels a bit brittle sometimes, but I’m not sure if it’s an effect of having prints on all sides. Generally though, if you’re already happy with your other Minifigures, these CR variants are not worth getting. The most interesting set so far is the Daredevil set since it’s creating variants we’ve never seen before. Hoping to see more new characters and designs from CR! And that they hopefully start including accessories too.

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