TV Brand TV6101: Rahm Kota, and Other Star Wars Mini Droids and Minifigures Preview

TV8001 – Obi-Wan
TV8002 – Rahm Kota
TV8003 – Darth Vader
TV8004 – Ahsoka
TV8005 – C-3PO
TV8006 – Mace Windu
TV8007 – 187th Legion Clone Commander
TV8008 – 187th Legion Clone Trooper

I love that they come with BB-8, D-O, and BD-1; these are some of the most iconic small droids from Star-Wars.

Design-wise, some of the head prints are weird on this one. Some of the designs look like they’ve been made before. C-3PO has side prints, something that’s probably not present on the others. Overall, still excited to see TV Minifigures in person to better judge them!

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