TV Brand TV6102: White Darth Vader, Grogu/Baby Yoda, 212th Clone Troopers, and More Star Wars Minifigures Preview

custom knockoff lego star wars minifigures with baby yoda, white vader, ahsoka, boba fett, mandalorian, 212th clone troopers minifigures

TV8009 – 212th Clone Trooper
TV8010 – Clone Gunner
TV8011 – 212th Airborne Trooper
TV8012 – Ahsoka
TV8013 – White Darth Vader
TV8015 – Boba Fett with Baby Yoda/Grogu
TV8016 – Mandalorian with Baby Yoda/Grogu

This is the 3rd TV Brand we’ve seen and the second Star Wars themed set from TV brand. Some sellers from all over the internet are already popping up, but I can’t be sure if they’re already on-hand or are for pre-order.

Overall, I’m excited for TV Brand’s knockoff Star Wars and Marvel Minifigures. Hopefully they’re of good quality.

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