N Brand N001-N016: Napoleonic Wars Minifigures Preview

Custom Lego Napoleonic Wars Minifigures Historical Lego Knockoff Minifigures

So far, the brand translates to “Yueruizhida” but I’m sure that they have an English version of their brand name.

N001 – British NCO
N002 – British Fusilier
N003 – 95th Rifleman
N004 – French Fusilier
N005 – Grenadier of the Old Guard
N006 – Scottish Bagpiper
N007 – French Cuirassier
N008 – French Dragoon
N009 – Swiss Grenadier
N010 – Dutch Dragoon
N011 – Spanish Cuirasser
N012 – Italian Light Infantry
N013 – Officer of the Highland Infantry
N014 – Officer of the Old Guard Grenadiers
N015 – Officer of the French Infantry
N016 – Officer of the 95th Regiment

Not much is known about this N Brand yet, but they seem to be similar to other Military/History Minifigures we’ve been seeing popping up in various stores. Lots of those WW2 Minifigures are of really great quality, so I’m hoping it’s the same for this N Brand!

Huge thanks to Raphael for the heads up on the latest ones! I also just compiled all of them in one picture.

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