TV Brand TV6021: What-If Ultron, Black Panther, Iron Man, And More Marvel Minifigure Preview

Custom lego marvel minifigure infinity ultron marvel what if and other marvel superheroes as cheap minifigures

TV1001 – Infinity Ultron (Marvel What-If)
TV1002 – Scarlet Witch
TV1003 – Captain America
TV1004 – Thor
TV1005 – Thor
TV1006 – Doctor Strange
TV1007 – Iron Man
TV1008 – Black Panther

TV Brand has my attention. Initially, I thought that this might be a sub-brand of WM because they have similar preview images. They’re also using WM molds for Doctor Strange and Black Panther. However, they’re using KORUIT’s mold for Captain America. Nonetheless, it doesn’t really matter if they’re from WM or KORUIT as long as the final quality is good!

Huge thanks to Raphael for the heads up on these!!

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