DTB DFB012: Marvel’s Thunderer Minifigure MOC/Figbash

Custom lego marvel golden age comic book super hero minifigure thunderer aka black avenger aka dark avenger

Thunderer is a golden-age hero who also goes by the names Dark Avenger of Black Avenger. He’s Jerry Carstairs, a normal citizen who decided to become a superhero to fight Nazis!

Parts used:
Torso – Iron Man (KF1146) (I erased the chest print though.)
Legs – Atom (KF794)
Others – Generic

This is the design I used as reference. In other comics or images, he has a blue hood or the colors in the image above are inverted.

I think he’s also more popular as Black Avenger; I’ll probably do a Figbash of that variant too in the future.

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