DTB DFB013: Marvel’s Flag-Smasher LMD Minifigure MOC/Figbash

Custom Lego Marvel Flag Smasher Minifigure from the comics

You must be wondering why it’s not Karli. That’s because in the comics, he’s known as Karl Morgenthau! However, this version is an LMD (Life Model Decoy) posing as Flag-Smasher.

I made a very old Figbash of the “true” Flag-Smasher way back. Check it out here, but I will recreate him with better parts soon!

Parts used:
Helmet – US Agent (XH1709)
Torso – Mandalorian (WM923)
Others – Generic

I used a generic head with eyes I colored red to copy his visor below, but perhaps a better option is to use XINH’s new Daredevil Minifigures. If you use this head, you might also be able to get away with using a different black helmet.

Marvel Flag-Smasher LMD version from the comics

He looks badass though, right?

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