CQ Brand CQ02: Custom Lego Marvel Destroyer vs Fake Lego Marvel Destroyer Minifigure Comparison (Crystal Minifigs VS CQ)

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Right off the bat, which Minifigure do you prefer? The left or the right? One is worth around $1-3 while the other is worth $40.

On the right is the $40 custom Lego Destroyer Minifigure from Crystal Minifigs while on the left is the $1 CQ02 Destroyer Minifigure from a seemingly new brand, CQ.

$40 seems a lot, and it is, but it’s on the cheaper side when it comes to custom Lego Minifigures, especially since this has a unique mold. However, if you compare that to $1, then $40 is definitely looking like a luxury item.

Setting aside the price for now, let’s take a look at the quality comparison between these two Minifigures.

The two biggest differences between the two are the shade of silver used and the head. I personally prefer the silver used on the right, but the one on the right isn’t bad too. I like to think that the knockoff Lego Destroyer is based more on the MCU or movie version of the Destroyer while the original Lego is based on the comics or video game version.

Other than these two main differences, there are some tiny differences in prints like the ones on the fit or thickness of the lines.

Both have somewhat stiff articulation due to the paint/coating used on them. The plastic quality on the base Minifigure is much better for Crystal since they’re using authentic Lego Minifigures, but their helmet’s plastic quality is also significantly better with CQ02’s helmet having a bit of a plastic nub at the back while Crystal’s is smooth.

Generally, I’m apprehensive about the pricing of custom Lego Minifigures, but usually it’s almost justified because these are custom Minifigures designed by passionate people and manufactured in limited quantities. However, this Destroyer design isn’t really originally designed by CQ or Crystal. While almost all custom Minifigure designs are based on already existing designs from non-Lego sources, this one is practically 1:1 to the Lego Marvel video games’ Destroyer.

So is it worth getting the $40 Destroyer Minifigure? If you can afford to and want the classic design, then yes because of its superior quality and can potentially retain its value. But generally, I would recommend just picking up the CQ02 Minifigure for just $1.00 at AliExpress.

Nonetheless, I still think that custom Lego Minifigure brands should reduce their pricing, but I’m not gonna throw hate at them and I still respect them. Big Chinese manufacturers (like CQ Brand supposedly) produce their Minifigures in the thousands at low costs while custom brands create only around 100-200 using more expensive, but more effective, methods.

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