DTB DFB039: Marvel’s Vibraxas Figbash Minifigure

custom lego marvel vibraxas

Vibraxas is another Wakandan superhero who has vibrations as his super powers!

I practically just used a Hulk body for his torso. For the shoulders, I was looking for shoulder pads that were rounder, but that’s all I had at the time. I’m not too sure from which Minifigure that part was taken from though.

This one clearly has room for improvement; I will add a tiara and torso prints if we ever spot parts like these in the future from future Minifigure releases.

custom lego marvel vibraxas ally of black panther and wakandan

DFB is a rebranding of our old DownTheBlocks DTB MOC/Figbash Minifigures. We posted 383 Minifigures in our old blog and you can see them all here. For this new DownTheBlocks FigBash segment, we’ll add new Figbash designs and repost some of our old favorites from DTB MOCs.

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