WM WM864: No Way Home Spider-Man with Magic Cube Preview

Lego Spider-Man No Way Home with Doctor Strange's Magic Cube or Mysterious Box and spider arms

Just another Spider-Man in the Lego Spider-Verse collection. The most unique part about this one is the magic cube that Spider-Man used in No Way Home to help the villains from the multiverse.

XINH has a similar Spider-Man Minifigure with a printed magic cube instead, in case you prefer that over this solid gold version.

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4 thoughts on “WM WM864: No Way Home Spider-Man with Magic Cube Preview

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  1. Im soooooooo happy this version came out. Hopefully the printing is good and matches my other spiderman helmet/mask. Cant wait for Across the spiderverse 2. SO MANY NEW spideys are going to pop up!!!

    1. 1000% agree! Hopefully we see more new variants of Spider-Verse 2 Minifigures and not just the same old variants we’ve been seeing

  2. Hi, do you have any news about sets from another brands that don’t leave china? I was hoping for a guardian of the Galaxy vol 3 new ship, like the boat from Lego that got minimized in size and release from a brand

    1. I’ll try to find some previews of those! But yeah, it’s a bit difficult cause of the language barrier. And I think in general, there’s just been less and less fake Lego sets and more “original” designs. But still, I’ll keep my eye out! 😀

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