XINH G0117: Wilco Trooper, Captain Vaugn, Bad Batch Cody, and More Star Wars Clone Troopers Minifigures Preview

custom fake lego star wars clone troopers variants for cheap army building

GH0127 – Wrecker
GH0128 – Hunter
GH0129 – Wilco’s Clone Trooper
GH0130 – Cody
GH0131 – Thorn
GH0132 – Commander Bly
GH0133 – Fox
GH0134 – Captain Vaugn

Some of these have been made by other brands, but if you prefer XINH’s Clone Troopers, then rejoice! Personally, I like XINH’s regular clone troopers the most, then WM, then KORUIT. However, I love the Clone Commandos from KORUIT the most!

It looks like those Wilco’s Clone Troopers can be a cheap way to build updated Lego Clone Trooper armies for cheap, instead of trying to find old fake Lego Clone Troopers.

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