XINH XH1911: Venom Maxifigure (Openable Mouth)

Just the basic comics-version Venom.

Unfortunately, you have to choose between having the face inside the mouth or the long red tongue. This might be the best comics-version Venom Maxifig yet, though.

It’s reusing the molds of these maxifigures.

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2 thoughts on “XINH XH1911: Venom Maxifigure (Openable Mouth)

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  1. Quality warning on these designs. The outer face mask piece has not been good so far. This has been my experience with the Venom, Carnage,
    and Anti Venom. The two pivot points do not hold it in place securely. Very unfortunate and highly unlike the quality usually seen from XINH figs.

    1. I’ve also had problems with one of the arms of most of my new XINH Minifigures.. 🙁 I should start posting reviews again soon to show people more accurately, I just haven’t found the time. 🙁

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