AliExpress Blocks: Marvel’s Guardians Of The Galaxy’s Dark Aster Build

Ronan’s iconic ship from the first Guardians of the Galaxy movie.
The combination of simple and complex.

This is an amazing build from Rebrickable. The instructions there are for sale, and I highly recommend everyone who wants the set to purchase from the designer to keep supporting them! You’ll be saving from parts prices, shipping fees, and time by getting these all in one place; you might as well help the designer by using the money you saved to get the instructions directly from them.

I looked at my BrickLink to see if I can build this, and so far the estimate for me is at $320 already for just 45% of all parts.. Plus, that’ll include shipping and time for the BrickLink seller to organize. It’ll also probably take me months to obtain all parts because parts aren’t always easy to come by, especially those not in first-world countries.

Check the set out on AliExpress!

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