XINH X0351: ARC Troopers, Commanders, Jet Troopers, and More Star Wars Clone Troopers Minifigures

custom lego star wars arc trooper, jet trooper, clone captain, kamino clone trooper similar to clone army customs minifigs

XH2022 – 501st Jet Trooper
XH2023 – ARC Trooper Colt
XH2024 – Clone Trooper (Dusty)
XH2025 – Captain Grey
XH2026 – Bomb Squad Trooper
XH2027 – Clone Captain
XH2028 – 13th Commander
XH2029 – Kamino Clone Trooper

Are we getting close to completing all the canon Clone Trooper battalions?

Additionally, some of XINH’s designs are seemingly heavily inspired by Clone Army Customs and I’m sure some, if not most, of these are as well.

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