CQ CQ02: Knockoff Custom Lego The Destroyer Minifigure

Custom Lego The Destroyer Minifigure Fake and knockoff design of Crystal Minifigures

An amazing design! However, I can’t help but compare it to Crystal Minifigs‘ Destroyer. I actually have that one as a custom authentic Lego Marvel The Destroyer Minifigure. Although, since the helmet mold is new, even the custom Crystal Minifigs helmet isn’t made of Lego plastic.

If you’re not familiar with the knockoff or alternative Lego brands, more often than not, these brands are copying third party custom Lego designers. They might not be copying them one is to one, but they are heavily inspired by these legitimate designers.

This is why I admire WM and KORUIT the most since they seem to be truly creating their own designs. Their biggest difference from these “authentic” Lego custom Minifigure brands is that WM and KORUIT don’t always print on LEGO Minifigures [and instead print on brandless Minifigure molds].

Overall, there’s a lot of gray area between custom Lego Brands. I’m just happy that these beloved characters and designs are becoming more accessible as they become cheap custom Minifigures almost any collector can afford. However, if you can afford to, I recommend picking up the original and authentic custom Minifigures to support their designers + they’ll have collectible-financial value as well.

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  1. I really hope that this brand copy more “exclusive designers” because it’s a overpriced and awful price now with this beautiful work from this brand we already have the Iron man MK1 armored super detailed and Destroyer, hope we get more, because the original designer don’t belong to any brand, they are not copying the “exclusive designer” they are just doing the same designer that have the original material, that belong to marvel and also Disney.

    1. Yeah, $50-100 for one minifigure whose design is from Marvel… It’s just absurd.

      Also, unlike Lego, these brands don’t have the rights or authority to prevent cheap brands from recreating them and selling.

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