XINH X0346: Various Marvel’s Daredevil Minifigures Preview

Lego Compatible Minifigures of Netflix Daredevil, MCU Daredevil, Ben Affleck Daredevil, Classic Daredevil, and Shadowland Daredevil

XH1981 – Daredevil (MCU)
XH1982 – Daredevil (Netflix MCU)
XH1983 – Daredevil (Ben Affleck)
XH1984 – Daredevil
XH1985 – Daredevil (Red and Yellow)
XH1986 – Daredevil (Shadowland)

I was hoping to get just one MCU Daredevil based on his appearance on She-Hulk, but this is even better! As a Daredevil fan, I am a very happy collector!

The Lego Daredevil Minifigure from that Daily Bugle set is currently really expensive so I’m very happy to see that we have these cheaper Daredevil Minifigures as options!

Expect release to happen within the month, as is XINH’s usual timelines! Once they’re ready, feel free to shop with our affiliate links!

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