DTB DFB009: Marvel’s Jennifer Kale Minifigure MOC/Figbash

Custom Lego Midnight Sons Jennifer Kale, friend of Man-Thing and Marvel Witch

Parts used:
Head – Doctor Light (KF797)
Torso – Valkyrie (PG1699)

If other female Minifigures come out with similar designs as the ones below, I’ll probably come back to this Figbash and recreate her.

Marvel's Jennifer Kale from Midnight Sons
The image below is her most recent look, if I’m not mistaken.

I first encountered Jennifer Kale in a Marvel Zombie comic where she was with Man-Thing. It was a very interesting comic book read, and a version of the Midnight Sons were also there.

DFB is a rebranding of our old DownTheBlocks DTB MOC/Figbash Minifigures. We posted 383 Minifigures in our old blog and you can see them all here. For this new DownTheBlocks FigBash segment, we’ll add new Figbash designs and repost some of our old favorites from DTB MOCs.

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