WM WM6159: Chainsaw Man Minifigures Preview

WM World Minifigures Custom Lego Chainsaw Man Minifigures

WM2523 – Denji with Pochita
WM2524 – Denji with Pochita
WM2525 – Denji with Pochita
WM2526 – Makima
WM2527 – Samurai Sword
WM2528 – Hayakawa Aki
WM2529 – Gun Devil
WM2530 – Power
WM2531 – Kishibe
WM2532 – Mitaka Asa

Chainsaw Man looks like a very interesting anime and these interesting Minifigures further support that! For non Chainsaw Man fans, the new molds for new parts look really good for Figbash and MOCs too!

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