Kopf KF6179: Jujutsu Kaisen Minifigures Preview

Jujutsu Kaisen Custom Lego Minifigures

KF1859 – Itadori Yuji
KF1860 – Gojo Satoru
KF1861 – Kugisaki Nobara
KF1862 – Fushiguro Megumi
KF1863 – Ryomen Sakuna
KF1864 – Geto Suguru
KF1865 – Hua Yu
KF1866 – Leaky Coral

WM also made their own Lego-compatible Jujutsu Kaisen Minifigures and while those are more detailed, these Kopf Minifigures stick to the Lego system more which others might prefer.

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