Kopf KF6178: Black Panther Wakanda Forever KO Minifigures Preview

custom fake lego minifigures black panther 2 wakanda forever including namor ironheart and more m'baku

KF1851 – Shuri
KF1852 – Black Panther
KF1853 – Ironheart MK2
KF1854 – Okoye
KF1855 – Namor
KF1856 – Nakia
KF1857 – Ironheart MK1 (Riri Williams)
KF1858 – M’Baku

And there you go, Kopf is the first to create Knockoff Lego Black Panther Wakanda Forever Minifigures. I haven’t seen the Lego versions up close so I can’t compare them well just yet. I just know that Namor here looks a lot younger than he’s supposed to look.

If anyone’s gonna take advantage of 360 prints though, I think it’s gonna be Namor because of his winged feet. Let’s see if any brand will make him in that style in the future.

I foresee a lot of Black Panther Minifigures coming soon. The characters and costume designs in that movie are amazing and I look forward to seeing more Lego-compatible Black Panther Minifigures.

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