Kopf KF6170: Various Star Wars Troopers Minifigures Preview

KF1788 – R2-D2
KF1789 – Drabatan
KF1790 – First Order Executioner Trooper
KF1791 – Sith Trooper
KF1792 – 501st Legion Clone Trooper
KF1793 – Imperial Shock Trooper
KF1794 – Red Fist Legion Clone Trooper
KF1795 – First Order Stormtrooper

Not a fan of this set. These are just copies of what KORUIT’s released in the past, they even forgot to rename XP264. Check out most of these from KORUIT instead.

The Minifigures here also look weird, with seemingly missing necks. However, I’m 75% sure that the final release will have them looking much better.

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