AliExpress Blocks: Star Wars Jedi Temple With Jedi Council For Minifigures

It’s overall scale is for nano or micro builds, but inside the whole building is a Minifigure scale Jedi Council. Amazing! (Well, half of the council, at least.)
I think this is the other side of the interiors.
And if you want a clean build, just close them up and you have this amazing Corusant building, the Jedi Temple.

As is often the case for AliExpress products, this set was taken from a Rebrickable design. However, the Rebrickable page doesn’t seem to exist anymore so I can’t link it. Nonetheless, I found that a user named ZeRadman created the build; if you ever find their work elsewhere and you can support them, please do so. They made an amazing piece of art here and they deserve to be compensated for their talents!

Pick this up from AliExpress so you don’t have to order from many different Bricklink, or similar, store:
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