Kopf KF6160: Five Nights At Freddy’s Evil Mascots Minifigures With Guitars Preview

Not really a fan of this video game, but those guitar accessories might look good in your collection!

KF1701 – Chica
KF1702 – Freddy
KF1703 – Foxy Spintraft
KF1704 – Bunny
KF1705 – Foxy Spintraft
KF1706 – Bunny
KF1707 – Chica
KF1708 – Freddy

Definitely some creepy-looking Minifigures here. There have been a couple other FNAF Minifigures from Kopf and other brands in the past, and we’ll have those old previews posted once we have our set lists up on this new site.

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