Kopf KF1677-KF1684: Various Doctor Strange Variant Minifigures With Magic Accessories Preview

Not much new here, unfortunately.

KF1677 – Doctor Strange
KF1678 – Strange Supreme (What-If)
KF1679 – Doctor Strange
KF1680 – Defender Strange
KF1681 – Ancient One
KF1682 – Wong
KF1683 – Master Mordo
KF1684 – Kaecilius

As a bonus, Kopf also included their older Doctor Strange Minifigures in the preview:
KF1277 – Doctor Strange
KF1584 – Strange Supreme (What-If)
KF1649 – Doctor Strange (Spider-Man FFH)

This is probably Kopf’s first wave of Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness Minifigures. These were probably designed and made before the movie came out which meant that they haven’t seen much other than the trailers. Hopefully, we see some of those interesting cameos, and more, from Kopf’s future releases.

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