DTB DFB042: Marvel’s Hazmat Minifigure MOC/Figbash

custom lego marvel hazmat

Not the most accurate Lego Marvel Figbash, but close enough. I like the character so much that I just had to make this Figbash. The part I hate the most though is that the torso I used shows the neck.

Parts used:
Helmet – Generic, I think you can take some from Nexo Knights
Torso – Firestar (PG476)
Legs – Football Player (KF1445)

Hazmat has radioactive powers and she herself is radioactive hence her suit.

classic marvel hazmat costume

DFB is a rebranding of our old DownTheBlocks DTB MOC/Figbash Minifigures. We posted 383 Minifigures in our old blog and you can see them all here. For this new DownTheBlocks FigBash segment, we’ll add new Figbash designs and repost some of our old favorites from DTB MOCs.

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    1. Unfortunately not cause it’s one of those thicker types of print :/ but I’m hopeful we’ll see a generic female torso in the future so I can’t just replace it haha

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