DTB DFB040: Marvel Secret Invasion’s Revolutionary Minifigure Figbash

custom lego marvel the revolutionary from secret invasion

I just used generic parts for Revolutionary, with the head coming from PG223 Deadpool.

I just wanted more “unknown” superheroes/supervillains in my collection to act as space fillers for my wider Lego Marvel universe collection!

In the comics, he lead a small team of young superheroes but eventually revealed himself to be a Skrull awaiting their invasion. I’m sure he won’t appear in the upcoming MCU Secret Invasion show, but I still look forward to that!

source design of the revolutionary from marvel secret invasion

DFB is a rebranding of our old DownTheBlocks DTB MOC/Figbash Minifigures. We posted 383 Minifigures in our old blog and you can see them all here. For this new DownTheBlocks FigBash segment, we’ll add new Figbash designs and repost some of our old favorites from DTB MOCs.

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