XINH XH1821: Iron Man MK 37 Hammerhead/Scuba Hulkbuster Variant

Custom Lego Iron Man Hulkbuster Hammerhead Mk 37 Maxifigure that can fit minifigure inside
Another Hulkbuster variant..

We’ve seen so many of these already. I love the Hulkbuster mold, but I hope we see other variants instead of non-canon suits like this one.

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2 thoughts on “XINH XH1821: Iron Man MK 37 Hammerhead/Scuba Hulkbuster Variant

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  1. I don’t mind if they want to repaint this mold. I think this is the superior Hulkbuster bigfig mold, but they should’ve done it as multiple figs in one batch just like the first wave.

    Still, I do hope to see Mk 36 (Peacemaker – Orange) and Mk 26 (Gamma – Green) repaint from this mold, but probably with more unique brick parts such as new arms or buildable backpacks.

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