XINH X0341: Various Nolanverse Batman Minifigures Preview

Custom Lego Batman, Lego Catwoman, Lego Joker from Christopher Nolan Movies

Not all of them are from the Christopher Nolan Batman movies, but most of them are.

XH1940 – Batman
XH1941 – Joker
XH1942 – Batman
XH1943 – Catwoman
XH1944 – Ra’s Al Ghul
XH1945 – Nightwing (Titans)
XH1946 – Alfred Pennyworth
XH1947 – Killer Croc

Those Batman Minifigures look a lot like some of the existing third-party custom Lego Batman releases in the past.
That Catwoman is probably my favorite Catwoman variant to date; Anne Hathaway has been my favorite Catwoman (along with the newest from The Batman) and the recent The Batman movie’s Catwoman Minifigure was just meh.

I’m surprised to see all these new molds in this set. I hope XINH does more releases like this!

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