XINH X0338: Doctor Strange Multiverse Of Madness Illuminati Minifigures Preview

Not all of them are Illuminati members, of course.

XH1913 – Doctor Strange (Illuminati)
XH1914 – Black Bolt (Illuminati)
XH1915 – Mister Fantastic (Illuminati)
XH1916 – Captain Marvel (Illuminati)
XH1917 – Wanda with Illuminati Ultron Head
XH1918 – Clea
XH1919 – Captain Carter (Illuminati)
XH1920 – Professor X (Illuminati)
XH1921 – Christine Palmer
XH1922 – America Chavez

Some of these look like early designs, so I hope they’re more fleshed out once the Minifigures themselves are out. If there was another wave of Doctor Strange MoM Minifigures, who do you think should be included? I was hoping to see the Ultron Drones, actually.

I’m hoping that the release of Black Bolt and Professor X will also mean the release of more Inhumans and X-Men!

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