XINH X0329: Qing Dynasty Warriors Minifigures Preview

Lego-Compatible Chinese Soldier Minifigures from the QING Dynasty
I support all these History-themed Minifigures!

XH1841 – First Grade Qing Civil Servant
XH1842 – Qing Imperial Bodyguard
XH1843 – First Grade Qing Military Attache
XH1844 – Eight Flag Soldier
XH1845 – Green Camp Soldier
XH1846 – Qing Guard with Knife
XH1847 – Yong Yingbing
XH1848 – Beiyang Fleet

For the individual names, I was just following XINH’s translations. I’m sure Chinese History enthusiasts will enjoy these!

For us collectors though, we’re hoping that those hats have queues attached to them at the back, but I’m doubtful. At least we’re getting new spear molds though.

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