WM WM6128: Star Wars Wolfpack Clone Troopers Minifigures Preview

fake lego star wars wolfpack minifigures clone troopers

WM2259 – Wolfpack Clone Trooper Boost
WM2260 – Wolfpack Clone Trooper Heavy Infantry
WM2261 – Wolfpack Clone Trooper AT-RT Driver
WM2262 – Wolfpack Clone Trooper Sergeant
WM2263 – Wolfpack Clone Trooper Captain
WM2264 – Wolfpack Clone Trooper Commander
WM2265 – Commander Wolfe
WM2266 – Wolfpack Clone Trooper Commando

Another batch of Clone Troopers from WM, this time the Wolfpack! They’re a squad of Clone Troopers from the 104th Battalion of the Grand Army of the Republic in the world of Star Wars and are definitely fan-favorites. I’m not surprised that WM is doing them since lots of Wolfpack fans want to army build Lego Wolfpack Clone Troopers.

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