WM WM6127: Star Wars Nova Corps Clone Troopers Minifigures Preview

fake lego star wars nova corps galactic marines minifigures clone wars mygeeto

The 21st Nova Corps are also known as the Galactic Marines. They were most prominent in Mygeeto under the command of Ki-Adi-Mundi.

WM2251 – Nova Corps Clone Trooper Team 4
WM2252 – Nova Corps Clone Trooper Squad 3
WM2253 – Galactic Marine AT-RT Driver
WM2254 – Nova Corps Clone Engineer
WM2255 – Clone Commander Bacara
WM2256 – Elite Nova Corps Galactic Marine
WM2257 – Nova Corps Clone Paratrooper
WM2258 – Nova Corps Clone Trooper Squad 2

I absolutely love the Galactic Marines. I loved playing as them in Star Wars Battlefront II way back on the PS2. These aren’t the first Lego Galactic Marines we’ve seen, but most of these are definitely new variants that any Lego Star Wars Clone army builder will enjoy.

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