WM WM6126: Star Wars Clone Wars Iconic 501st Legion Clone Trooper Minifigures

Custom Lego Star Wars 501st Clone Trooper Main Team Dogma, Echo, Hardcase, Jesse, Fives, Kix, Rex, and Tup
These Lego-compatible Star Wars blaster accessories look perfect! We even have some accurate Clone Trooper backpack accessories!

WM2243 – Clone Trooper Dogma
WM2243 – Clone Trooper Echo
WM2243 – Clone Trooper Hardcase
WM2243 – Clone Trooper Jesse
WM2243 – Clone Trooper Fives
WM2243 – Clone Trooper Kix
WM2243 – Clone Trooper Rex
WM2243 – Clone Trooper Tup

These guys are the main 501st Legion Clone Troopers from Clone Wars! These characters made the Clone Wars 100x more interesting! I wonder if Lego will ever create Lego Star Wars 501st Clone Trooper Minifigures of these characters.

You can complement these Minifigures with these other Star Wars Clone Troopers from WM Minifigures:

WM’s previous set of Minifigures, WM Thor Love and Thunder is still yet to be released. I think that within the next two weeks, they’re coming out. However, they said that they’ll be arriving in late July and it’s already late July. Oh well, I trust WM and I’m sure they’ll deliver asap.

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