WM WM6124: Various Star Wars Clone Commando Minifigures Preview

WM2227 – Clone Commando Boss
WM2228 – Clone Commando
WM2229 – Clone Commando Fixer
WM2230 – Clone Commando Gregor
WM2231 – Clone Commando Omega Squad
WM2232 – Clone Commando Scorch
WM2233 – Clone Commando Sev
WM2234 – Clone Commando Voca

Nothing too interesting here. KORUIT’s Clone Commandos are arguably better. However, some of the gun accessories here might be worth picking up especially the chain gun with Voca.

Koruit’s Clone Commando’s helmets seemed a bit blocky though, so if you prefer a more curved shape, you can check out WM’s.

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4 thoughts on “WM WM6124: Various Star Wars Clone Commando Minifigures Preview

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  1. From what I have seen, the Koruit quality is lacking compared to WM. Hands are brittle, parts fit sometimes very loose, sometimes too tight, those silly belts make the figures look tall with short legs, and sometimes the extra armor just gives the figures a bit of an odd shape. I have nearly every WM Star Wars figure but only go for Koruit when they have something I can’t find in WM. That’s my take anyway. WM is awesome!

    1. This is true for KORUIT’s Star Wars, or at least Clone Trooper, Minifigures. I’m not sure why, but yeah those aren’t amazing in terms of plastic quality. Hopefully, now they’re better? Cause for my Marvel KORUIT Minifigures, they’re pretty good, especially the new Thor Figures. WM is definitely better for Star Wars! 😀 Though, I might check out KORUIT’s Kenobi Minifigures to see if quality’s improved.

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