WM WM6113: Suigetsu, Karin, Juugo, and More Naruto Minifigures Preview

Custom lego Anime Minifigures from Lego Naruto with lego Juugo, mitsuki, and more

Even non-Naruto Lego fans might want these for those unique parts included!

WM2147 – Hozuki Suigetsu
WM2148 – Uzumaki Karin
WM2149 – Jyuugo / Jugo / Juugo
WM2150 – Mitsuki
WM2151 – Kaguya Kinimaro
WM2152 – Uchiha Sasuke
WM2153 – Kaguya Kimimaro
WM2154 – Uchiha Itachi

On an unrelated note, we’re trying to get the blog updated with all the new previews we’ve missed since June! I’ve been busy with other things, but my collecting has not stopped. Now I’ll try to update our site too to help others (and myself) keep track of all the new sets and Minifigures that have come out.

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