TV Brand TV1001, TV1005, TV8014: What-If Ultron, Thor, White Darth Vader Custom Minifigures Preview

TV1001 – What-If Infinity Ultron
TV1005 – Thor with Stormbreaker, Mjolnir, Lightning Bolt
TV8014 – White Darth Vader

Ultron definitely has some new molds. I’m not sure if they’re original molds from this new TV Brand, or if they copied a different third party custom Lego brand’s design. Thor’s weapons might also be new molds, but we’ve seen lots of Thor variants already so that’s not so exciting. This Darth Vader variant is seemingly new. Glad to see the droid too!

Excited to see more from this new TV Brand! What I find interesting is that there are gaps between the codes of these 3. I wonder how many other designs they already have.

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