TP TP1002: One Punch Man Minifigures Preview

lego one punch man, custom lego saitama from a lego anime theme TP brand minifigures

TP010 – Saitama
TP011 – One Punch Man / Saitama
TP013 – Garou
TP014 – Tatsumaki
TP015 – Speed-o’-Sound Sonic
TP016 – Fubuki
TP017 – One Punch Man / Saitama

One Punch Man is one of my favorite Anime shows!! I don’t think I’ve caught up with the series yet though. Was hoping to see a Lego Mumen Rider Minifigure though.

This isn’t the first time we’re seeing a custom One Punch Man Minifigure.

pg1188-pg1191 custom lego godzilla and custom fake lego one punch man aka saitama

PG1191 was the first fake Lego One Punch Man, if I’m not mistaken.

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    1. No clue, but could totally be related to on of the other existing brands. I’m trying to look for a TP1001 or TP1000 to see if they have older figs, but none yet so far

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