Sluban M38-B1115: Super Mecha Champions Arthur Alpha Mech Preview

If you can't get enough Lego mecha builds, maybe you should check out Sluban's Lego-compatible mechs instead.
Another good looking Sluban mech!

A continuation of Sluban’s Super Mecha Champions set? But it looks like it can fit well with your Sluban Pacific Rim set or any Lego mecha collection.

What I find interesting about Sluban mecha builds is that they come with uniquely-molded heads instead of brick-built heads. While some Lego mech builders might prefer brick-built heads, some Lego mechs end up looking weird because of the limited parts you can use on the smallest part of a Lego mech. Sluban goes around this by using molds instead!

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