PSA: Updating Our Minifigure Set Lists

We were able to save all the Minifigure pictures we used in our previous Set Lists, but we only have partial lists of the names. We’re already almost done with XINH, though!

We started off with XINH as they’re the most active these days!

We’ve already started on KORUIT and Kopf. Stay tuned!

I hope you guys like the new layout of the set lists! Let us know if you guys have any feedback and we’ll try to incorporate them asap, if possible!

For other news: we’re looking into getting ads back on the site. We’ll do our best to keep them from being annoying or distracting. We’re putting them in to help fund the website!

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    1. Used it to help fill up the XINH set list! 😀 Thank god for waybackmachine tbh.. I’d be lost without it

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