PSA: Down The Blocks Is Now On WordPress

Down The Blocks custom and third party lego news site

Lots of you might have already noticed that our old website, has become inaccessible since May 4, 2022. It was flagged as SPAM and Blogspot has not updated us on what will happen next.

Instead of relying on Blogspot, we decided to just finally open this WordPress. Funnily enough, we were already in the process of creating this WordPress site in May of 2020, exactly 2 years ago, when Facebook started blocking our Blogspot link on their platform. We just didn’t have time to really learn WordPress.

This time, we’ll just learn as we use this new platform! Additionally, please be patient as we’ve been busy with other things. Expect that the website will encounter a lot of changes from time to time as we figure out the best layouts and user interface for ourselves and for you.

Additionally, won’t automatically redirect you to this new website, so if you’re on Chrome, you can do the following to remove from your search bar suggestions:
– Start typing “downtheblocks.blogspot” on your Search Bar
– The incorrect Blogspot address will now appear
– Select the incorrect Blogspot address with your keyboard arrows
– Click the X on the right of the selected address to remove it from your suggestions

Also, you can still find us on the following platforms:

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