N Brand N201-N204: Warhammer 40K Death Korps of Krieg Minifigures Preview

custom Lego Warhammer 40K with Leto Death Korps of Krieg Minifigures N201 N202 N203 N204

N201 – Death Korps of Krieg Guardsman with Flamer
N202 – Death Korps of Krieg Guardsman
N203 – Death Korps of Krieg Sergeant
N204 – Death Korps of Krieg Psyker

I have been very much intrigued by the Warhammer 40K lore, but it’s too huge for me to be really invested in. I’m loving seeing these Lego-alternative brands creating Warhammer 40K designs though and this is probably the closest we’ll ever get to Lego Warhammer 40K.

We’ve also seen some Astra Militarum Minifigures from KORUIT in the past. I hope we get to see some Astartes Space Marines too!!

You can buy these from AliExpress with our affiliate link! Using this link will help support DownTheBlocks at no additional cost to you! They have other military Minifigures for sale too.

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