Ming Ge MG810: Minecraft x Iron Man Crossover Minifigures

lego minecraft x iron man crossover combination minifigures
I’m glad that MG still decided to “pixelize” the prints on Iron Man and not just add a helmet to the existing designs.

MG810-1 – Iron Man MK40 with prototype MK25 Striker
MG810-2 – Minecraft Steve
MG810-3 – Iron Man MK85
MG810-4 – Iron Man MK25
MG810-5 – Iron Man MK30 / Tazer
MG810-6 – Minecraft Alex
MG810-7 – War Machine
MG810-8 – Iron Man Blazer

I’m still looking for a fake Lego set of Minifigures that crossover with Marvel and DC. So far, this is the only one I spotted online and it’s kinda hard to find too. It’s an easy skip though if you’re not interested in the countless Lego variants of Iron Man.

What I really want to see are other Superhero characters as Iron Man suits. However, more than I wanna see those, I wanna see new and unique characters and themes more from MG and other fake Lego Minifigure brands.

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