Ming Ge MG539: Eternals Minifigures with Deviant Combiner Build Preview

The only knockoff Eternals set we’ve seen.

I used to regard Ming Ge as one of the better brands out there, in terms of print and plastic quality. However, we’ve found out that these new MG Minifigures, along with some other new releases, do not come with back prints.

While they’re at their peak supply, I recommend picking up the original Lego Eternals Minifigures instead. If you still can’t afford them, then there are Eternals Minifigures from Kopf.

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6 thoughts on “Ming Ge MG539: Eternals Minifigures with Deviant Combiner Build Preview

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  1. Yes but Kopf’s Eternals set has been out of stock or in one AliExpress store, people ordered them but, never got them. I have not seen any place where Kopf’s version has been available. Even Kopftoys does not have them.

    1. Hmm, that’s unfortunate. I’m sure they’ll restock soon! If not, hopefully XINH or another brand can create improved/more detailed versions of the Eternals.

    2. I got the set. It was first released as KF1593-KF1602 (KF6147), However, a week or two later they changed the number of the figures to ES001-ES010 (E0101). I do not know why.

      1. Maybe to distance the Kopf branding from Lego designs? But I thought they were rebranding their Lego clones to Chengyi (CY), so IDK what ES is..

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