Lego 71031: Marvel CMFs Comparison Review with KO Lego POGO PG8298

Marvel Minifigures Lego vs Fake Lego Review
Authentic Lego Minifigures versus Fake Lego Minifigures

There have been fewer and fewer Lego knockoffs these days, and it’s because of Lego’s aggressive legal team and the desire of Chinese Lego-compatible brands to branch out and legitimize themselves. Although, any company creating Minifigures can not truly legitimize themselves as Lego owns the Minifigure mold/design. Still, it’s worth admiring how brands are trying to do their own thing instead of just copying Lego. In this review though, that’s not the case as POGO is still up to copying Lego’s designs. But how well do they do it these days?

In terms of general quality, Lego’s Minifigures are 100% better. Holding a real Lego Minifigure and a fake Lego Minifigure, you’ll notice the difference almost instantly. From afar, it’s not too apparent; the print quality on POGO’s Minifigures are decent enough, especially at a distance. You’ll just have to watch out for scratches or smudges that are too common in POGO’s Minifigures. However, one Lego Marvel CMF blind bag is around USD5.00 while a POGO Minifigure is around USD1.00.

I didn’t get all the POGO Collectible Minifigures anymore, just ones that I found interesting.

On the left is PG1202 – T’Challa as Star-Lord. Prints are found on all sides for this Minifigure, similar to the other POGO clones. The plastic is not as good as Lego’s, and you’ll see that on the guns most easily. The main thing that’s wrong here is POGO’s helmet; it’s using Peter Quill’s hair instead of T’Challa’s. If you want a purple helmet for your Peter Quill though, look no further. Both versions also came with hairpieces that I forgot to include in the pictures.

On the left is PG1193 – Wanda Maximoff aka Scarlet Witch. Quality-wise, it’s similar to the others. From some angles, the hairdress looks better on POGO’s, but I concluded that Lego’s is much better. Where POGO’s Minifigure fails are in the lack of dual molded arms (with poorly-printed skin) and non-cloth cape.

On the left is PG1196 – Captain America aka Falcon. Perhaps my favorite Minifigure from the Lego Marvel Collectible Minifigures line. The new hair mold isn’t as defined on POGO’s. The wings felt cheaper and more loose than Lego’s. Redwing also doesn’t stick too well to the backpack piece. The legs are also not dual molded on POGO’s.

On the right is PG1199 – Sylvie aka Lady Loki. Two big differences: POGO only came with one sword and the horns are on the chrome-side of gold. The prints on POGO Sylvie also had thinner outlines. The plastic quality on Sylvie’s hairpiece and Croki were also not smooth; you can see some of the mold lines on them.

On the left is PG1197 – TVA Loki. POGO’s Loki has a slightly smaller face, something lots of Chinese Lego-alternative brands have been doing for some reason. POGO’s Throgg and TVA mug also had noticeable scratches on their prints. Perhaps the biggest difference is that POGO’s Throgg didn’t have printed Mjolnir, cape, and helmet.

Conclusion: Are these POGO Minifigures worth getting? At $1.00, they are. You can get these for kids to play with while you have your $5 Minifigures on display. I was surprised at how good POGO’s prints were, it’s just a shame that the plastic they’re using still feels cheap. Ultimately though, I recommend picking up the originals while they are still new, they’re at their cheapest and their value could potentially increase as time passes.

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