Kopf KF6184: Legend of Zelda Minifigures Preview

custom lego legend of zelda Minifigures including nintendo's link as a lego minifigure KF6184

KF1899 – Link
KF1900 – Princess Zelda
KF1901 – Link
KF1902 – Link
KF1903 – Hick
KF1904 – Phantom Armor
KF1905 – Ganon
KF1906 – Revali

Just in time for the new Legend of Zelda video game coming out this year on the Nintendo Switch? Since there’s a Lego Nintendo collaboration going on these days, I think the possibility of a Lego Zelda theme is possible soon. But then, in case that never happens, Kopf is here to give us some Legend of Zelda custom Minifigures!

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