Kopf KF6174: Various Attack on Titan/Shingeki No Kyojin Minifigures with Tall Minifigure Titans Preview

Custom Lego Anime Attack On Titan Minifigures for cheap

This is obviously a response to WM’s own Attack On Titan Minifigures. The biggest differences though are that Kopf’s Minifigures just have regular Lego-designed swords while WM created a new mold for the iconic Attack on Titan gears and swords. Additionally, WM made new Maxifigure molds for their Titans while Kopf is simply making tall Minifigures. WM’s Maxifigures might be more accurate, but having these Minifigure versions of the Titans might be good for collectors who don’t have space or just want their parts.

KF1820 – Levi Ackerman
KF1821 – Eren Jaeger
KF1822 – Armin Arlert
KF1823 – Mikasa Ackerman
KF1824 – Colossal Titan
KF1825 – Eren Jaeger (Attack Titan)
KF1826 – Annie (Titan)
KF1827 – Armored Titan

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