Kopf KF6166: Buzz Lightyear And Hello Kitty Minifigures Preview

KF1752 – Hello Kitty
KF1753 – Hello Kitty
KF1754 – Hello Kitty
KF1755 – Hello Kitty
KF1756 – Hello Kitty
KF1757 – Hello Kitty
KF1758 – Buzz Lightyear
KF1759 – Izzy Hawthorne
KF1760 –
KF1761 –
KF1762 – Zurg

We’re missing two Minifigures so far.. Maybe they’re more Buzz Lightyear-related Minifigures from KOPF? Only time will tell.

Definitely a weird combination, but these Minifigures are welcome additions to our collections! Plus, some of these look like nice new molds.

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