Kopf KF6164: WWE Various Wrestling Minifigures Preview

I’m not too familiar with the WWE or WWF, but I know a lot of people are!

KF1736 – The British Bulldog
KF1737 – Sgt. Slaughter
KF1738 – The Rockers
KF1739 – Legion of Doom
KF1740 – Mr. Perfect
KF1741 – Hulk Hogan
KF1742 – Ultimate Warrior
KF1743 – The Undertaker

Even though I’m not a fan of the theme, I love the parts we can source from these!

Seems like some, if not all of these designs are from this Lego IDEAS project. Thanks to Joseph in the comments section for pointing this out!

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5 thoughts on “Kopf KF6164: WWE Various Wrestling Minifigures Preview

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    1. Been having a hard time finding Kopf figures here in the Philippines too. Hopefully they’re just restocking 🙁

  1. I emailed the Kopf store and they said they were “out of stock”, even though they were never in stock. I asked when they would be restocked, and they said “never”.

    I ended up buying them off Etsy for about 5x the price…we’ll see if they actually get shipped or not.

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